Come join us for our weekly services every Saturday morning.

Sabbath School - 9:30

Church Service - 11:00


(252) 937-8333


2045 South Halifax Road
Rocky Mount, NC 27803

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What to expect when you visit

Sabbath School

Our Sabbath School classes begin at 9:30 every Sabbath morning. There are classes for children of all ages as well as an adult class held in the sanctuary. Sabbath School is a great time to learn about God's word through interaction and participation. It's a wonderful opportunity for discussion which often leads to a deeper understanding of the Gospel. Sabbath school is scheduled to end at 10:45 but could last a little bit longer if the discussion proves quite interesting. That's usually how it goes actually.

the Church Service

The church service begins right around 11am. There's a brief intermission between Sabbath School and the church service for people to get the wiggles and socializing out of the way and prepare to receive God's Word in the sermon.

The main church service begins with a brief reading of announcements followed by a moment of singing and prayer to request the presence of the Holy Spirit into the sanctuary in order to open our hearts and minds to receive God's Word.

After the invocation we sing our opening hymn. Following the opening hymn is a children's story. Tithes and offerings are taken up following the children's story. After the offering we have a special time for prayer requests to be offered up and a congregational prayer is conducted. At this time an opportunity is given to come forward and kneel at the front of the church and also to place a white rose into a vase signifying that God has answered a prayer in your life over the past week.

The sermon begins directly after the congregational prayer. Sermons can vary in length but usually last around 30 minutes. The sermon is followed by a closing hymn and church lets out around 12:15pm.

Fellowship Meal

There is a fellowship meal each week following the church service. Everyone is welcome and there is always, God willing, plenty of food. We would love it if you would stay for the fellowship meal and take this opportunity to get to know our church family.

Here are some of the people you might meet

More to come....

Justin and Betty Bonuke with Jayden and Alvin

Justin and Betty Bonuke with Jayden and Alvin

Diane Clemmons

Helen Greene (one of our elders)

Jim Brummett

Lorenzo Ayala

Casey Fowler (webmaster extraordinaire)

Mary Slavin

Melita Richardson

Christina and Ray Hymbaugh

Jose Hernandez (one of our elders)

Herlinda Ayala

Celina Alzamora Bridgers and Tammy Davis

Stephen and Ellen Dean

Jeanette Collie

Margaret Joyner

Terry Griffith

Rosa Hernandez and Lesley Fowler

Dwight Davis (head elder)

David and Natema Drummond

Kathy Brummett